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Finding Authentic Self
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Finding Authentic Self
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Finding Authentic Self

Of late I have been seeing some clients, both adolescents and adults, who suffer from the effects of information and images on social media. My tutoring work and involvement with schools has also highlighted the issues of the increase in young people suffering with mental health. 
I feel that social media, the information and images coming from it is probably having some adverse effects on some individuals. I realise that some of my clients are presenting with real struggles between who social media portrays  what and who they should be and what they feel inside that they really are. that is the false or conditioned person versus the true authentic self both tugging at the client  causing inner conflict, much anxiety and depression in them.
Invariably, because of this “tug of war” within the client caused by these two sides, treating the client can be quite complex and create resistance with some clients.
This may mean that some clients will”yo yo”i.e.make good progress forwards only to relapse and go back to old negative and disjointed ways.
Below is (permission given by client) a powerful testimonial  which I feel highlights the struggle between the “conditioned false self” and the authentic self. In this clients case there was a positive move towards self-actualisation and her  starting to live a more authentic life. As a counsellor and psychotherapist my aim is to facilitate and enable my clients to work towards their self-actualisation;

Who am I?

“Who am I? The true me is here inside me, the true wisdom is inside of me. Not the outside bestowed on me. I can be all that is out side of me, if I let it be. I am as good as anyone else if I choose to be. That’s where it begins inside of me; the power is with me if I choose it to be. I alone choose my thoughts and feelings on how I deal or handle with a situation. I have the power. I can also choose others to influence my thoughts and feelings, but it begins with me. I am the power within me. The problem is not with the situation, it is how I choose to deal with the situation. I choose love and peace it wins every time. Who am I? I am love and peace in all situations although some situations call for me to have more faith in the love I have in my heart, but know that love will out. As long as I realise the thoughts I have are just that - thoughts, I can change those thoughts in an instant for better thoughts. I have traveled on my journey and at times through not listening to my inner wisdom and gut feeling, that quiet constant reliable voice inside me, I have instead listened to that loud brash voice inside me, taking on these outside influences, ‘ hey come with me do what I say, this is the right way’ has brought me many years of not feeling my worth, not feeling adequate. Feeling the path defines me and tarnishes my future, so my future will not be perfect because of my past. But now it is time, I have awoken from this illusionary dream. The clouds have dispersed from inside me showing the sun that has always been there but I did not see it. I have stopped, I have looked around, I have seen everything is beautiful. How have I not noticed this before? It has always been there, it has never changed. It is me that has changed. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, but now I am aware of that, I can now pursue my path with my inner wisdom that has been there all along, I just couldn’t see it. I can let go of things that no longer need to concern me. I am free from the hold of thought as I know it is just thought and I am the one that can change it. No one else. Now I am back on my path, I feel revitalised and alive again. I awake in the morning, knowing that only good lays before me with the infinite possibilities it brings. 
I know that this is possible for everyone whoever they may be. We are all equal, it is possible for anyone so just believe that you can be whoever you want to be just know it starts from you from the inside out. I have to say this is a wow moment for me. Thank you for showing me how to give me back my power. Love xx"

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