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I have been practicing Reiki for 10 years and am a qualified master.

Ancient Japanese philosophy states that Reiki is a universal life energy known as Ki (or Chi- in Chinese). When this spiritual energy becomes blocked in the body it can cause illness. Reiki therapy aims to restore the energy balance by stimulating the body's natural healing response and helping it to overcome physical, mental and emotional problems.
 Reiki is a non-intrusive therapy that can reduce stress and anxiety, ease tension, promote relaxation, reduce and relieve pain, clear blocked and negative energy, promote self healing, re-balance the mind, body and spirit.
Reiki practitioners channel an energy source and transmit it through their hands to the person being treated. Rather than treating the symptoms, Reiki looks to the cause of the problem. Reiki practitioners believe that illness is rooted in the subconscious and the therapy treats the mind and body as one.
Reiki Healers act as channels for this universal energy to pass into you. By using hands in certain positions on different parts of the body. As a qualified Reiki practitioner, I will draw energy to the body,promoting healing,balance and relaxation. During a Reiki session you remain fully clothed, lie or sit comfortably and relaxed. I apply the healing by holding my hands above or non-intrusively on certain areas of the body known as "chakras". You will feel a sense of deep relaxation, some clients experience a feeling of tingling, a gentle relaxing warmth or even a slightly cool sensation. The positive energy generated continues to work beyond the session and the benefits you feel will continue in the long term as negative energy is released.
Benefits of  Reiki includes reducing stress levels, aiding better sleep, helps clear negative energy, supports the immune system, helps to rebalance emotions and enhance spiritual well-being.
There is a subtle energy that permeates us and surrounds us, an energy which we can learn to experience and direct, an energy which we can move through our bodies and channel through us to other people. This energy, in Japanese, is referred to as Ki (or "chi" in Chinese). This is a positive life enhancing, healing energy.
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