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Counselling and Psychotherapy

Are you at a cross road-facing or wanting to make positive changes in your life or work?
Are you trying to understand the purpose of your life, how to get there?
Are you struggling with a new role, for example a new job, partner, spouse, a new parent, or any other?
Are you at the cross roads in your career, relationship etc?
Do you have a desire to do something about whatever is worrying you?
Choose your time to talk and tackle troublesome life disabling issues or problems and positively change your life for the better or just take time out to relax and escape the stresses, anxieties and hectic pace of everyday life.

“In the past five years, charity Anxiety UK has seen a 10 per cent increase in calls to its helpline and email support network, with one in ten people suffering from panic attacks and, of these, two thirds are women. Meanwhile, NHS figures show outpatient appointments for anxiety disorders, of which panic attacks are a common form, have increased five-fold since 2007, and hospital admissions increased by a third. Prescriptions for tranquilizers such as Xanax and Valium rose by 13 per cent in the past four years, and for antidepressants – often used to treat panic attacks – by 38 per cent.” BPS

I am a professionally trained and registered Integrative Counsellor and Psychotherapist and a certified member of the British Association of Counselling Psychotherapy (BACP).
I provide a safe, empathetic, reliable, professional, counselling and psychotherapy service, I am also a qualified Clinical supervisor and Group Facilitator and Schema & Cognitive Behavioural Therapist (CBT).
I work in accordance with the Ethical Framework for Good Practice in Counselling and Psychotherapy. and My professional experience incorporates expertise from working extensively within private and professional health promotion, social care and mental health organisations including the NHS across London. To promote Good Practice and maintain my professional standards of care, I attend regular clinical supervision as required by BACP guidelines. 
We all experience problems in our lives that are, sometimes, difficult to cope with. It is at these times that you may find it useful to speak to a counsellor or psychotherapist to help you understand better and deal with the matters that are worrying you.
Counselling and psychotherapy is used to treat stress and anxiety, depression, loss and grief, bereavement,relationship problems, low self-esteem, work related problems and more.
Counselling is a relatively short-term therapy that stems from a need to address problems that, if  left unchecked, can lead to related mental and emotional disorders. A counselling session will allow you to discuss and explore any problems causing distress and help to overcome them. Counselling can also help with a sense of loss or lack of direction. Most importantly, counselling gives you a chance to be heard.
Psychotherapy is carried out with an individual (or as a group) and involves talking through a particular problem to find a solution. We will work to develop a rapport so that we can explore emotions and experiences that are the cause of  feelings such as anxiety, stress and depression or more serious issues.
With psychotherapy I will work with you , usually over a long period, to overcome psychological, behavioural and emotional problems. By understanding your thoughts, beliefs and personal or past/childhood experiences, I will help you make positive changes to your way of thinking and behaviour.
In counselling or psychotherapy sessions together we look at various areas of your life that are causing you concern, the feelings connected with them and how you can bring about positive change, talking freely and openly in a confidential, relaxed, non-judgemental environment – which may not always be possible with members of your family and friends. I generally use a combination of approaches including Humanistic/Person-Centred and Psychodynamic.
As a practitioner my aim is to help you to differentiate letting go of the past, to live in the present and positively prepare for the future.
I offer the following choices of therapy sessions:
  • Face to face counselling - with a free 30minute initial consultation. Contact me or complete the form on the contact page of this site to book an appointment.
  • Email counselling (no travelling required) - will not include a free consultation as it will be an exchange of one email and can remain anonymous. Prepayment is require. My reply to your email, which you can take your time to develop before sending, will be sent within 3 to 5 working days. Contact me or complete the form on the contact page of this site for more details,terms and conditions.
  • Skype& Telephone counselling (no travelling required) - call to book a session which will include an initial free consultation for me to understand your issues, agree a progamme of treatment. Contact me or complete the form on the contact page of this site for more details, terms and conditions.

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